About Us

Inspira Kids prides itself on making the early learning experience both memorable and enjoyable, while providing the young generation with lifelong abilities to learn and provide creative solutions to everyday life problems. Through our creative curriculum and dedicated staff, we are passionate about imparting positive attributes to the people we come in contact with. Inspira Kids strive to deliver a holistic education.The founders of Inspira Kids provide early learning services in Australia, China & Singapore and are therefore able to bring an international curriculum certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind. Today, we provide a suite of quality programs for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

Our Vision

We imagine a future where every child at Inspira Kids grows up strong, smart, and full of joy. Our vision is to be the best place for kids to learn, with healthy bodies, and bright minds.

Our Mission

Inspiring Growth, Keeping Kids Healthy and Smart: At Inspira Kids, our mission is to create a safe and condusive space. We serve meals tailored for your child's growth, and use eco-friendly cleaning.With our learning programs like HOM and C.O.R.E literacy, we inspire every child interest to learns, grows, build resilience, and shapes character.

Core Values


“Think Right, Do Right”

Be Honest and transparent towards one anotherAcknowledge mistakes and learn from themDo the right thing at all times (even when no one is watching!)Don’t make promises you cannot keepWalk the talk!


“Be Extraordinary”

Go the extra mile to “wow” othersDon’t be complacentWe strive to be number oneKeep on improving, keep on learningStrive for the best, not just your best


“Walk A Mile In Someone’s Shoes”

Put yourself in someone else’s shoesListen with your eyes, ears and heartEncourage and care for one anotherBe more than a colleague, be a friend


“Love what you do”

Love what you do and do what you loveOvercome odds with the fire withinSpread your enthusiasm!Champion your cause!


“There is a way, find it!”

Be flexible and creativeReinvent ourselves everydayThink outside the box!Be observant. Solutions can come from anywhere!

Our most fundamental commitment is to create an atmosphere where children feel respected, loved and valued – a place where childhood is celebrated: a place of warmth, fun, joy and laughter, a ‘safe’ place. A place, where children can begin to understand themselves through their interactions within a supportive learning community and where they can create their own unique ‘culture of childhood’.

Through active listening and observation we try to understand how each of us perceives our world and how parents, children and teachers can all work together, to enlighten and enrich our views.We are committed to providing a welcoming, relaxed, safe and natural environment for all children, families and community members.We are committed to high quality early childhood education and care.

We recognise the importance of learning through play, and appropriate intentional teaching methods are used to encourage the development of all children.Our program is inspired by Reggio Emilia and is based on the children’s strengths and interests. The learning environments and educators play a vital role in the children’s learning.

We believe it is important that all children feel a sense of belonging. Every child is provided with opportunities to create a sense of belonging in their Inspira Kids environment.Our committed educators understand the importance of open communication, and as a team, endeavour to ensure each parent has an understanding of their child’s day whilst at Inspira Kids.

Our team is experienced, qualified and dedicated to early childhood education and care. We value the importance of professional development and actively encourage our staff to participate in these opportunities. Educators are flexible to the individual needs and wants of all the children and their families.

We value diversity and ensure we are operating an inclusive service for all children, families and the community. The centre operates autonomously and therefore adapts programs and policies to cater for the local community and ever growing changes in the industry.Our on site Food Coordinator will provide nutritious food whilst managing dietary requirements. We encourage families to share their cultures and beliefs.We welcome feedback and ideas to enhance our curriculum.

Hear From

Our Parents

Damien Fernando

"Absolutely thrilled with Inspira Kids Childcare, I could feel the warm and nurturing environment they've created for the children. The staff is not only highly professional but also incredibly caring and attentive to each child's needs. The facilities are great, with engaging activities that promote learning and creativity..."

Wynter Maisey

"The centre takes good measures to make sure the kids get yummy healthy food throughout the day and my daughter prefers their chiefs cooking over mine any day. I could not recommend any other childcare/kinder for my child they are absolutely fantastic."

Mycah Astrera Sgro

"Great child care centre! The educators knows the kids very well. It reflects on how the children interact with the educators. They are full of joy and their smile beams when they see their teachers."

Steffany Nisbet

"Our daughter joined Inspira at the beginning of 2023. Our experience has been nothing but wonderful. The whole staff have made every effort to ensure our once anxious-about-“school” daughter transitioned to not only a happy kid at drop-offs but to actually looking-forward to and loving school..."

Dwayne Bulmer

"The service you get from inspira kids is perfect, my daughter started here almost 6 months ago and she loves it so much. The staff made it an easy transition to kinder for her. She has learnt so much in the time coming here. I'm happy with how she enjoys it there and how amazing the staff are towards us parents."

Nelita Lacorte

"The area is clean, interesting and spacious. The center is suitable for children to grow and learn. The staff are nice and very helpful. Will definitely recommend the center to my friends who are looking for childcare center."

© 2023 Inspira Kids - All Rights Reserved

© 2023 Inspira Kids - All Rights Reserved